Many foreign nationals dream to have a permanent resident status in the US. The reasons can be numerous, either personal or professional. Many are eager to work in the US. Once they enter the US the next step they would opt for, or focus on, is to get the green card. Green Card is a government document to prove one’s permanent status in the US.


After claiming your eligibility to work in the US with a visa the next option would be to apply for a green card. The main categories through which you can apply for a green card are through marriage and through employment which are quite difficult. The most easiest way of obtaining the green card is through the DV lottery if luck is favorable on your side.


The DV Lottery Program:


The DV lottery is held annually by the US Department of State. Each year people from all parts of the world participate in the American green card lottery aiming to work and live in the US. 50,000 visas are made available for the people who participate and are from the countries of low immigration rates. The chances of winning the lottery depends on understanding the eligibility criteria and the other conditions. You have to fulfill the stipulated eligibility criteria in order to participate in the DV lottery. The basic requirement is that you must be a native of an eligible country and meet the educational and work qualifications.


To ensure security, the annual lottery program has an electronic registration system, thereby preventing multiple entries and illegal immigration. The winners will be selected randomly by the automated computer program form the huge pool of applications. The submission period is usually specified by the Department of State and applications should be submitted well ahead so as not to miss the deadline due to internet related problems. Once the DV lottery application is approved notification will be sent through mail.


The most important aspect in the DV lottery program is the photos that are uploaded in the application. Photos are as important as the application itself as they play a vital role in the application process. While submitting the lottery application, ensure that the you adhere to the guidelines provided by the government and follow the instructions to avoid rejection of your application. Getting the American green card through the DV lottery is advantageous in many ways. It favors more that 50,000 families to get green cards and live and work in the US. This is a government program which is approved by the Congress and hence associated with lot of benefits. Participation in the DV lottery is free unlike the other process and is a gateway for people who aspire to live and work in the US.



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