Green Card

DV lottery is one of the best way to obtain US Green Card. DV Lottery program was initiated by the US Government. The major goal of the dv lottery is to issued the American green card to the individuals who are looking to live permanently resides in the United States. Some people think that if you are working in US or someone petitioned you who is already a citizen of America then you only receive a Green card but you can also attain a green card through the Diversity or DV Lottery visa Program.

The DV Lottery program is begin with a lotto system, which provide the chance to the individuals who are seeking to live inside the United States through the lottery only. Every year US government organized this system and issued the green to those people who win the lottery. To take part in this lottery system you must follow simple but strict eligibility requirements. First you must be the native of the qualifying country and the other one is that you must match your education and experience standards. In case if you are not born in the qualifying country and your spouse is from the qualifying country you can also apply Green Card  application on the behalf of your spouse. If you are not married then you can also apply through your parents either one parent is from the qualifying country.

Once you match all your requirements then submit  submit your Greencard application which is available at  and take the pictures of your family members that you have been registered . When you submit your application the confirmation id given to you and with this id you can also track your application. The results will take place through the random generated computer lottery and selected applicants will be notified through phone calls or via email or you can also check the updated results through the website. So let your dream comes true. Take part in the diversity Lottery program and chance to win US Green Card, so that you can live and work permanently in United States.

To conclude I must say that the grab the opportunity because the DV Lottery is one of the finest way to  obtain Green card for USA. It’s true that lucky bunch of people will obtain but if you try then may be you are the one who is listed in the lucky bunch of people.

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